Child Support Modification Attorney Atlanta GA

Child Support Modification Attorney Atlanta GA

Atlanta, GA family law attorney Regina I. Edwards talks about when a parent can modify child support.

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Child support can be modified and it has to be upon some sort of showing of a change. If the party that is paying child support has suffered an involuntary loss of income then that may be a good case for a modification. The key is involuntary. If you decide to quit your job and take a low paying job the court might not give you a modification because that was a voluntary choice and the court has decided in Georgia that when you are considering taking a lower paying job or being unemployed or under employed that choice has to be reasonable in light of your support obligations. But if there is a true involuntary decrease in income then it may be wise to apply for a modification.

Conversely, the custodial parent can apply for an upward modification if there has been a substantial change. If a child has increased medical needs, if the non-custodial parent has a significant increase in income those are factors that the court can consider in increasing child support as well.

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