Advice to People Going Through Divorce Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia

Advice to Clients: What one piece of advice do you repeatedly give to clients?

Atlanta, GA family law attorney Regina I. Edwards gives insightful wisdom regarding how parents should behave when involved with a recent divorce.

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I often give advice because that’s my job as an attorney but the one piece of advice that I find that I give a lot is take the high road. There are so many different areas that you can argue about with your former partner someone being five minutes late picking up and dropping off, having to buy a second glove ‘cause your ex forgot their glove in the car just take the high road. Children pick up on tension and chaos between the parent and it affects them negatively. So if it’s not going to kill you, try to take the high road, try to work with the other part as much as humanly possible. It will make your life easier, it will make your children’s lives easier.

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