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What are the biggest challenges you face in handling a custody dispute?

NYC family law attorney Shannon Simpson talks about the biggest challenges faced in handling a custody dispute.

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i think one of the biggest challenges

can be when you have a parent who’s been

primarily responsible for the children

while the other parent works very hard

you know this has changed a little bit

in the pandemic as people have stayed

home even if they’re working but

pre-pandemic and now as we’re coming out

of it you oftentimes have one spouse

who’s primarily responsible for the

children and another who leaves the home

to work and may travel for work or spend

long hours working

and a divorce may come

and the working parent might say

well i have to change my life now

because i am getting divorced i can no

longer rely on the stay-at-home parent

to support that me the way they once did

and so you see that parent taking a step

back from work or responsibilities

outside the home and the primary parent

may have to

give up time with the kids that they

otherwise enjoyed so our courts in new

york are are moving towards a place


a lot of times parents will get 50 50

time and for a parent who’s been

primarily responsible for the kids

that can be very difficult to understand

and very difficult to adjust to and it

can also be hard for the children to

adjust to if they’ve been used to

kind of living in a certain way and they

now have a new way that they’re going to

interact with their parents

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