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What if spouse is not complying with our child custody agreement?

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Your rights involve addressing this with them. The court’s gonna expect you to try to do some self-help before running to court, and so oftentimes we have clients write, send written letters or written emails, something that can be printed off later on so you could show the judge, “Hey, we tried to – I tried to resolve this on my own without before running to court.” But, otherwise, then it has to be addressed by the court. You can’t just unilaterally decide that because this isn’t happening, I’m gonna do this. He kept the kids longer than he should have over this holiday, and so I’m gonna claim the tax exemption or – you can’t do tit for tat. You have to go back and have it addressed by the court.

Stillwater family law attorney, Matt Ludt, shares how to ensure that custody agreements are honored.

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