Child Custody and Visitation — Modification of Attorney in New York, New York

When can visitation schedules be modified?

NYC family law attorney Shannon Simpson explains when and why visitation schedules can be modified.

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the access plan that you put in place is

something that

our clients our parents will constantly

monitor to make sure it’s still working

for the children so while there is

finality to an access plan if something

happens if circumstances significantly

change in the life of the child or in

the life of the parent you can go back

because our courts

the lawyers everyone involved want to

make sure that what’s in place for the

children is always best for the children

and sometimes that means changing the

original plan we try

not to do it i think there is value in

making a plan and sticking to the plan

but as we all know the pandemic

new relationships new jobs things change

that might necessitate a review of the

access plan that’s been put in place and

you can come back to your original


again you might revisit

trying to craft a new access plan the

same way

you attempted to craft the initial plan

so perhaps the lawyers communicate

perhaps you have a third party

professional that’s involved that’s

helping to guide the parents and

hopefully we can put together a

collaborative process that will result


a modification to the access plan that’s

in the best interests of the child or

the children

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