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Well certainly, it depends on what the client does for a living, what stage of life the client is at, and what type of injury they had. I’ve represented people who’ve lost limbs, I represented people who have had some degree of paralysis related to their injury and, obviously, there is the component of future medical needs for these people. There’s also future loss of earnings and earning capacity. And of course, there’s future human pain and suffering and that’s a very, very large component.

Sometimes when you talk to these people about the loss of their limbs or their paralysis they’re very matter of fact about it but when you dig down deep and really interview them you find out atht this is so life altering, so life changing. Some of the simple things that we take for granted they can’t do anymore and this causes tremendous stress in their live and anxiety and many people end up with a psychological component as well. So there’s a lot to consider on a catastrophic injury case. To some extent, those cases are a little more straightforward because you can see the injury, its objective it’s not like an invisible injury like a brain injury, for example.

St. Paul personal injury attorney Paul Gatto talks about the damages you can get in a case involving catastrophic injuries.

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