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I started to practice law in the mid ’70s I guess that dates me and prior to that, I was working for an insurance company as an insurance adjustor. And I met a lot of lawyers and I admired the work they were doing for their clients and I thought that that’s something that I would like to do. So I went to law school and became a lawyer and started practicing in 1976 with my partner, Mark Swor, at another law firm. And he and I discovered we had a lot of things in common. We had common background kind of a blue-collar bag. He’s from the iron range; I’m from the east side of St. Paul. And things fit and clicked and we’ve been practicing together ever since until he had to retire for health reasons. And I still see him regularly and I still rely upon him for his opinions and his particular insights on cases.

St. Paul personal injury attorney Paul Gatto talks about his background and how he got to be the lawyer he is today.

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