Catastrophic Loss Attorney in Houston, Texas

Catastrophic Injuries

Houston, TX Personal Injury Attorney Daniel D. Horowitz, III talks about his experience in handling catastrophic injury cases.

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Unfortunately, I’ve got quite a bit of experience in it. You know catastrophic injury cases, obviously, are the most serious situations whether someone’s been paralyzed, whether someone’s been brain injured, whether a loved one’s been burned. I’ve handled explosion cases where people were burned significantly. I’ve handled quadriplegic, paraplegic cases, brain injury cases. Lately there’s been a lot more emphasis on brain injury on the science as well as the medicine behind them. Milder traumatic brain injuries because of the concussions and all the information that’s come out through the concussion lawsuits as well as a lot of the people coming back from Afghanistan and Iraq you’re starting to see a lot more science dealing with brain injuries.

But those are the most difficult cases because it’s an ongoing tragedy and usually it’s hard for not only the person who’s hurt but their family and their friends because they end up having to become caretakers usually and it’s a role that they never planned on having to do. So it takes a special skillset to have to handle those cases.

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