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Bus Accidents

Houston, TX Personal Injury Attorney Daniel D. Horowitz, III talks about the differences in taking on a bus accident case as opposed to a car accident case.

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We’ve handled bus accident cases. Usually, you see you got the large kind of charter buses that end up they’re either schoolchildren going on some sort of field trip or you have vans, school vans and a lot of times you end up with groups of elderly people who are going on vacations. Sometimes it’s to the casinos; sometimes it’s doing a tour across the southern part of the United States.

Bus cases are very similar to 18-wheeler cases because the drivers have commercial driver’s license. Unfortunately, when you have 40 people on a bus many times there’s only a million dollars in insurance so it can be very difficult without the proper representation to be able to track down other avenues to help pay for all the harm that’s caused. And that can include products liability. That can include parent companies of the actual bus operator. So they are very unique cases that take a special skill to be able to navigate through those waters.

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