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Some defective vehicle cases that we’ve handled are we’ve handled some of the Firestone tire cases back in the early 2000’s where those tires were defective and the treads were separating and that was leading to a lot of crashes. We’ve done cases involving defective airbags. We handled a case where a seven-year old boy was killed sitting in the front seat of a car from an airbag that deployed. And that happened shortly before the warning stickers came out telling people to put children in the back seat. So that was a really tragic situation where he was in the car with his grandfather a very low speed accident. And the airbag deploys with so much force that it broke his neck and he was killed. We were able to resolve that case. A lot of these defective vehicle cases end up being settled as part of a confidential settlement so sometimes the amounts we can’t talk about. Those are some of the cases that come to mind.

Torrance, CA personal injury attorney Roger Booth talks about various car accident cases as a result of defective vehicles.  He explains that we have handled various cases involving defective vehicles throughout our practice. One notable example is our involvement in the Firestone tire cases in the early 2000s. These cases centered around defective tires with separating treads, which caused numerous accidents. Additionally, we have represented clients in cases concerning faulty airbags. In one particularly tragic instance, we represented the family of a seven-year-old boy who lost his life when an airbag deployed while he was sitting in the front seat of a car. This devastating incident occurred just before warning stickers advising people to place children in the back seat were introduced. Despite the low-speed nature of the accident, the forceful deployment of the airbag resulted in a broken neck and the child’s untimely death. While we were able to reach a resolution in this case, many defective vehicle cases are settled confidentially, and therefore, we are unable to disclose specific amounts. These examples highlight the seriousness and impact of defects in vehicles, underscoring the importance of pursuing legal action to seek justice and compensation for victims.

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