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Los Angeles, CA personal injury attorney John Taylor talks about a traumatic train accident case he was involved in.

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The Mass Transit system in Los Angeles, especially the Metro Line, was sort of put down in the city after the city had already grown, and because of that there’s lots of conflicts where the line comes into conflict with pedestrians, and with cars, because of how it’s been set up. We’ve handled a number of cases against the MTA and Metro for poor signage, which don’t allow pedestrians to know what’s happening at the intersection where they’re at, bad situations where conductors have stopped and held the door of a train, a slowly moving train, open so that somebody could try and get on to it and were seriously hurt when they failed doing that. They’re a unique case and we have a lot of experience in dealing with them.

We represented a man who was trying to cross the track right where he worked. There were two sets of tracks so that trains could go in opposite directions at the same time. There was a blind spot where he was standing because of how the train was configured, so it would be impossible for him if a train was crossing in front of him to know that there was a train on the track behind him. Of course, the predictable happened, which was he attempted to cross as the train passed in front of him; the other train had come; and that’s what struck him. He had no ability to see that because of how – of the signage, and because of how the train was – the track was laid out. There was signage. There were lights that should be used and the city had approved that, or the MTA had approved that, but they had never installed them until this man was hit and seriously injured.

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