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How long does it take to rebuild your credit after bankruptcy?

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That is a very common question that I receive and in fact I hate to give the typical attorney answer but it depends. One of the most important aspects of rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy is to make sure first and foremost that the creditors that were discharged in the bankruptcy are accurately reflecting that discharge. In fact, that’s one of probably the majority of what I do in my practice is I offer a free post-bankruptcy credit repair for not just our own clients, but any individual in Missouri or Kansas that comes out of a bankruptcy, and pull their credit reports and make sure that the debts are reporting the discharge, that’s the first thing you want to do. The second is if a consumer comes out of bankruptcy, but has a mortgage for instance, that mortgage typically with a few expectations is not discharged, but I would say probably 90 percent of the time that mortgage company is not reporting the mortgages it should. It should be ongoing and open and unfortunately, it’s showing discharged and that’s one of the biggest errors that we have to fix.

So after we get any errors corrected then I let my clients know that applying for a small credit card, a secure credit card, a small loan, a vehicle loan is one of the best ways to rebuild. But the key is to have open credit reporting timely payments on a monthly basis and some diversity in the portfolio, like I said whether a vehicle loan or another kind of installment loan, credit card, mortgage. Having diverse types of credit on a credit report is the fastest way to boost that credit score and help them kind of recover from the bankruptcy process and get them back on their feet.

Kansas City, MO bankruptcy attorney Chelsea Williamson talks how long it takes to rebuild your credit after bankruptcy. She explains that this is a commonly asked question, and while I dislike giving the typical attorney answer, the approach to rebuilding credit after bankruptcy varies depending on individual circumstances. One crucial step is ensuring that discharged debts are accurately reflected on credit reports. In my practice, I offer free post-bankruptcy credit repair services to clients and individuals in Missouri or Kansas. We review credit reports, verify that debts are properly reported as discharged, and rectify any errors.

If a consumer has a mortgage, it is important to note that it is typically not discharged in bankruptcy, except for a few exceptions. However, in many cases, mortgage companies fail to report the mortgage correctly, showing it as discharged when it should be reported as ongoing and open. Rectifying this error is one of the primary tasks in credit repair.

Once errors are corrected, I advise my clients to consider applying for small credit cards, secure credit cards, small loans, or vehicle loans to rebuild their credit. The key is to have open credit accounts, make timely payments on a monthly basis, and diversify the credit portfolio. This can include a mix of different credit types such as installment loans, credit cards, and mortgages. Having diverse credit types on the credit report helps to boost the credit score and aids in the recovery process after bankruptcy, facilitating a fresh start.

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