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What strategies can be employed to provide for the financial security of my family and loved ones after my passing?

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Milpitas, CA estates & probate attorney Elijah Keyes discusses strategies that can be employed to provide for the financial security of your family and loved ones after your passing. There are various strategies to consider when approaching financial security. One must understand that the law primarily facilitates monetary transfers rather than ensuring financial security for others. The focus should encompass an array of elements, including the specific needs of the individuals involved, encompassing not only financial requirements but also matters of control.

In certain instances, it becomes evident that a beneficiary should not directly receive funds due to the likelihood of imprudent spending. In such cases, ensuring financial security entails appointing an appropriate fiduciary or trustee to oversee and manage the funds on their behalf.

Alternatively, financial security may necessitate providing temporary benefits to one person while ultimately transferring the assets to another, particularly in situations such as second marriages where a spouse desires to grant their partner a home for their lifetime, with the intention of passing it on to their children thereafter. Specific tools are available to address such scenarios.

The paramount consideration when evaluating financial security is identifying the precise needs to be met. Clients are advised to consult with their estate planner to determine the most suitable approach. This particular firm specializes in a wide array of trusts, which serve as instrumental tools for controlling assets in the future when individuals are no longer capable of making decisions for themselves. The key lies in selecting the appropriate tool for each unique situation.

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