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Minneapolis, MN Transportation Law Attorney, Jason Engkjer, talks about what he tells his clients who have never been through the litigation process before.

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Many times clients will come to you and they may have been involved in a lawsuit at some point or a dispute at some point, but they never really have gone through the litigation process. And it’s important to have the sit-down and explain to the client not just what is going to happen in the lawsuit, but also talk about the practical realities of the lawsuit. And what I mean by that is that there is the financial component. Litigation is and can be expensive. The client needs to understand that from the beginning. You can’t walk around that particular issue.

Secondly, the client needs to understand that there is not only especially a business impact, but there many times is a personal impact as well. I tell clients many times you’ll get in the middle of the case and you may go home at night and you may be thinking about the case and you may dream about the case and you may wake up in the morning and think about the case. So there is a lot of other practical components just not explaining how the litigation process works. But what’s gonna be involved, how’s it gonna impact your business, how’s it going to impact your life, how is going to impact your finances? Because that, again, helps inform the client about what decisions need to be made during the course of litigation.

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