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Advice for Someone Facing Business Litigation

Minneapolis, MN Transportation Law Attorney, Jason Engkjer, gives advice to people facing business litigation.

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The best advice, and this is unfortunate, is that learn from your mistakes. A lot of the litigation that we see is something that most likely could have been avoided. And it could have been avoided a number of different ways whether when you initially started the company up and were putting together your corporate documents or in your hiring practices or in your contracting practices.

It’s always difficult for a client to want to call or need to call a lawyer to ask for advice and ask for help. And what I many times tell clients is that it’s important that you do call not only your lawyer, but your tax professionals, your financial advisors, the professionals that you have in your life before you do things and make decisions because I can guarantee you that the expense that you have in whether it’s putting together proper corporate documents or reviewing a contract or looking at different tax issues, the money that’s spent at the beginning will be well served because you will spend infinitely more money on having to litigate the matter after the fact. So I always try to tell clients when you do get into a situation, try to learn from it so that you avoid it again.

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