Advice to People Going Through Divorce Attorney in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sharing an Attorney in a Divorce

Minneapolis, Minnesota family law attorney Marc Johannsen explains why people getting a divorce should not share an attorney, each spouse should get their own.

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Typically, I don’t recommend it, and here’s the reason why. Your interest, your husband and yours, are at many junctures in a divorce potentially in conflict with one another. If you hire an attorney to represent both of you, who will that attorney serve? It puts that attorney in a very difficult position and also, it may make the other spouse not feel confident that they’re getting fair and objective legal advice. So, what I recommend doing is, one party, if you only want to use one attorney, one party would hire that attorney and then you can negotiate directly with the other side, get the case resolved and then the other spouse then could take that agreement to an attorney to look at and make sure that it’s fair and reasonable and finalize the divorce. That’ll keep your attorney’s fees down but will assure you that you’ve gotten good legal advice throughout.

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