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Overwhelmingly, we handle catastrophic injury cases representing victims and their families as a result of medical malpractice.

Most attorneys who handle these types of claims hear the same thing when people come in the door, which is not only are they looking for accountability for what happened, but they also want to make sure that whatever caused the harm is not going to happen to others in the community. So we remain very focused on that from the beginning. And when we resolve cases, we aren’t just handling it for the economic or financial harms. We often are very focused on making sure that part of the resolution of the case, one way or the other, involve systemic changes, staffing changes, policy and procedure changes. Those things and that ultimately led to what caused them or their family to become a victim.

Philadelphia, PA personal injury lawyer Eric H. Weitz talks about the types of cases his firm handles and what makes them different from other firms.

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