What level of service can I expect from the firm? Attorney in Rockville, Maryland

What level of service can I expect from the firm?

Rockville, MD family law attorney Stuart Knotts Skok talks about the level of service you can expect when working with her.

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The level of service you can expect from my firm is really 100 percent above and beyond. We don’t take every case that comes in the door. We only take the cases, we believe, we are best suited to take and that we can handle. So we’re not just timely responding to your e-mails and calls, that happens, but we are ahead of the game, three steps ahead. We have a strategy, an objective. We’re preparing you for every stage. You’re not wondering what’s going to happen next, wondering what’s going to happen in court, and you know exactly what you need to be prepared for. Finding witnesses, perhaps expert witnesses. Tracking down evidence.

There’s never a sense from the clients that we’re too busy for them, or we don’t know what we’re doing, or they don’t know what they’re doing. That’s what’s really critical. And the other kind of service has to do with billing. I mean, I don’t handle every issue and task in a case. Only those things that require a lawyer to do at their hourly rate. And then I have my executive assistant in paralegal, of counsel, other associates at lower hourly rates that can handle those things that don’t need a lawyer to handle it.

And, I mean, I call it smart billing. It’s smart for me. I can delegate what I don’t need to do and focus on what I really do. And it’s smart for the clients. They get the service and pay the fees for only what they need, not more, not less.

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