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About the Law Office of Jason A. Guida

Saugus, MA firearms attorney Jason A. Guida talks about what makes his firm different from others and the types of cases he handles.

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Our firm is different from other law firms ’cause we specialize in firearms licensing issues. We help people restore their individual firearms rights. We help people who are charged with criminal violations of the firearms laws. We don’t do anything else. We’re not gonna be doing your wills, your trusts. We don’t handle your divorces. Our entire focus is on your Second Amendment rights and restoring those rights and preserving those rights.

The types of cases that we help our clients work with are certainly firearms licensing issues, whether they’ve ben denied due to eligibility issue or the chief has denied their license because they found them to be unsuitable and not worthy of having that license. We help people restore their firearms rights. If there’s an old conviction or old record that’s in their way, we help them resolve that issue.

We help individuals who’ve been charged with criminal offenses, violations of the gun laws. Our gun laws are complicated and can often lead to individuals unintentionally violating the law. We help those individuals navigate the criminal justice system and oftentimes result in acquittals. We help people in self-defense cases. Massachusetts law governing self-defense is complicated, and it’s important to have an attorney that has the experience and knowledge of our self-defense laws on your side when you’re facing criminal prosecution for the use of your firearm.

We help firearms dealers. Firearms dealers often encounter numerous rules and regulations governing what they can sell to individuals and how they can go about their business. We help our dealers navigate these complicated laws as well as deal with law enforcement when issues arise.

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