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What makes the Joseph Saveri Law Firm unique among firms that represent plaintiffs in antitrust cases?

California antitrust attorney Joseph Saveri discusses why his firm is a good option for individuals, consumers, small business owners, public officials, and heads of corporations negatively affected by monopolistic business practices.

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I’m very proud of what my firm has been able to accomplish in the short years it’s been in existence. We’re able to represent small businesses, larger businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals, consumers, labor unions in a variety of different situations. We’ve been enormously successful in the short time that we’ve been in existence, which is a testament to our skill, our expertise, our toughness, our diligence and our ability to generate results for our clients. Because this firm does most of its work on a contingent-fee basis, we have our interests closely aligned with our clients. When they succeed, we succeed. And frankly, I think that alignment of interest between us and our clients provides the best opportunity to provide efficient legal representation and to solve problems for our clients.

In addition, we are also willing and interested in undertaking legal representation along other models. We do work that is not purely contingent, but also involves some sort of hybrid or other arrangements. We are very interested in providing the highest-quality legal representation to clients on economic terms that are consistent with their needs and their business interests. And to extent we’re able to provide that, we are doing our job. And so far so good.

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