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About the Law Offices of Michelle Otero Valdés

Miami, FL admiralty & maritime attorney Michelle Otero Valdés shares what makes her firm different from others as well as the level of service her clients can expect.

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What makes my firm different than other law firms is I only handle admiralty and maritime law. What does that mean? I am not a large firm that has a divorce case and a family law case or a criminal law case. All I handle are matters involving some aspect of admiralty and maritime law, which is quite specialized and has its own sets of laws and rules that a lawyer has to be very familiar with to be able to handle.

Clients first, so that means when you send me an e-mail I respond to that e-mail promptly. When I get a phone call I answer the phone. You don’t know how many times people call the office and I am the one that picks up the phone. If there is an issue that the client can only do something at midnight, I am there prepared to handle that matter immediately. So again, client first.

Ninety percent of the world is covered in water and 90 percent of what it is that we do moves by water, so why wouldn’t I want to be involved in something that we rely on every day but yet it’s almost invisible. What I love about the maritime industry is the fact that it operates on this efficiency scale and everyone within the industry knows that. I have worked at various different areas of industry and it’s incredible, so do others. So what happens is when I have a problem and I have to pick up the phone, whether it’s the other side or it’s someone on a deal, it’s someone I already know and it’s because of the way this industry is structured. And if you follow the same tenants of the industry you know it well and if you love it you stick with it, and almost everyone I deal with, even if it’s on a brand new case, I almost always know that person on the other side which lends itself to a better result for the client.

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