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We are an estate planning firm. We do everything from people with very modest estates all the way up to people with several million dollars and everything in between. Regardless of the size of one’s estate I think we feel like everyone should have a comprehensive well thought out estate plan. In addition to that, we help either disabled individuals themselves or families with a disabled family member putting together special needs trusts to hold assets that that disabled person may receive by gift or inheritance.

For people who don’t have any planning done, we represent people who have been appointed as guardians for others either family members or professionals, we walk them through that process, we help them with the court reporting that’s required. And then, of course, we also help at the end, when a client dies and the family is administering either their estate or their trust, we walk them through that process and make sure that the clients wishes are carried out.

Seattle, WA estates & probate lawyers Bill Hickman and Jacob M. Menashe talk about the focus of their firm, their level of service, and the cost of an estate plan.

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