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This short compilation video features personal injury attorney Roger Booth as he talks about the types of cases the firm handles as well as what it’s like to work with his firm.

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We handle cases involving very serious catastrophic injuries, wrongful death cases, sexual abuse cases those are the primary areas of our practice. Generally speaking, we do cases involving very serious damages and generally very difficult liability cases. So most of our cases are referrals from other lawyers who seek us out because of our expertise in those areas.

We take service to clients very seriously. We’re not the sort of firm that handles hundreds of cases. We handle a select number of cases, serious cases, and we provide very hands on service to clients. So when clients contact us we always get back to them promptly and I think the main thing is that we are never spread so thin that we can’t devote as much time as necessary to each case. And the cases we tend to do tend to be challenging so they require a lot of time and the approach we’ve always taken is to, like I said, limit ourselves to a select number of cases and handle those cases very, very thoroughly.

The main thing to look for in hiring a personal lawyer is what sort of experience do they have and what sort of track record do they have? If I were advising a prospective client, I think one of the first things to ask is show me your results. You know, show me your results in similar cases and just in general, show me that you’ve achieved large settlements, large verdicts because like I said, there should be a written record of that.

When you’re choosing a lawyer, it needs to be someone who you feel comfortable with because it’s a process that will go on usually for a couple of years. You’re trusting this lawyer to get you a result that’s going to provide for your financial future. It’s a relationship that you ought to feel comfortable with and you ought to feel comfortable with the person that you’re hiring.

The firm was founded by my father in 1984 and he had been practicing at that point for about 20 years, had already established a reputation as one of the leading plaintiff’s lawyers around. And ever since then, we’ve kind of grown and evolved. Richard Koskoff joined the firm in, I believe, 1988 or ’89 and he was my partner for many years. And I’ve been involved since about 1997.

Throughout that time, we’ve basically done similar types of cases. We’ve done serious injury cases throughout that period of time. Yeah, that’s kind of roughly the history of our firm.

Just about every case we do we handle as a team. We have three lawyers, we have three law clerks that work on cases with us, we have a secretary, we have a legal investigator. Most of our cases requires a team effort where several people are involved in different steps of the process. The law clerks are usually the direct contact person with the client. We always amongst the lawyers in the firm there’s always a lot of discussion of challenges and issues that come up in a case. It’s almost always a team effort to some extent to try to get the kind of results that we want to get for our clients.

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