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So, I come from a wide variety of experiences, both in the public and private sector over the last nine or ten years. I started for a small firm here in Claremont. From there I transitioned to do an in-house position working as a trial attorney for a large insurance company. And then after that I became a deputy city attorney for the city of Riverside. Through those positions, I’ve been able to gain a lot of experience in a wide variety of areas of the law, and it’s really helped me develop in terms of my analysis, my legal reasoning, my legal writing, and more than anything, just being in court trying cases.

So, a piece of advice that I give to my clients all the time is to document everything. Unfortunately, the way our court system works, it may not be for several months, maybe even a few years until a case is filed and several more years after that until it goes to trial. It’s important to document everything. It’s important to keep records. And what I tell my clients is, now that’s become fairly easy given the advent of cell phones. I just tell my clients to go ahead and take a picture of whatever it is you’re receiving. If there’s an important document that comes in, if there’s a photograph you wanted to take of the accident scene of the property damage, take out your cell phone. Take a quick photo of that, and make sure you maintain a backup of it. Many times, those go to some online cloud directory. However, it also is good to keep a copy on your computer as well.

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