Wrongful Death Attorney in Seattle, Washington

The Case of the Missed Diagnosis

Seattle, WA commercial litigation attorney Anthony L. Rafel talks about a victory he had for the family of a young woman who’s life was shortened due to medical negligence.

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One wrongful death case that we handled involved the misdiagnosis of lymphoma in a young lady by a prominent healthcare provider. It involved issues of right to recovery under wrongful death statutes and who was entitled to recover on behalf of the deceased person. This young lady had died and the case really was about what her life would have been like had the diagnosis been made earlier based on the x-rays that were taken. The x-rays were taken and things were missed in the x-rays and accordingly she received treatment much later than she should have and it certainly compromised her lifespan and impacted her family in a large way. And we were able to achieve a recovery for her family that helped in some small way to address the pain that they had upon her loss.

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