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If I slip at work, is that a work injury?

Minnesota Workers’ Compensation attorney, Dana Gerber, talks about slipping or tripping at work and whether or not it qualifies as an injury.

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When you slip or trip at work and sustain an injury, typically, those injuries are covered as worker’s compensation injuries.  There was a recent case in Minnesota that construed whether or not that could be a compensable claim.  The test is: did your work environment place you at an increased risk of injury?  If so, that will be considered a compensable work injury.  If not, that might not be considered a compensable work injury.

Because this case is so new, we’ve been seeing insurance companies using it to justify almost any basis for denying your claim.  If you have a slip-and-fall at work or a trip-and-fall at work, your best bet is to call an attorney who can kind of help you through this process.

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