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Types of Credit Card Fraud

Chicago, IL criminal defense attorney Gal Pissetzky talks about his experience handling cases of credit card fraud.

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Credit care fraud can include situations where you go to a restaurant and the waiter, without your knowledge, has a skimmer. And he will swipe your card and then he gets the number. And you find a lot of these crimes usually generate from Eastern Europe where individuals work for individuals that actually reside in Eastern Europe. And they accumulate credit card numbers. And then they sell them on the internet to individuals that buy a large number of credit cards. And then they go out and they use that credit card in a cash machine or at stores and they steal as much as they can. And then once the card is deactivated, they throw it away.

Many times when you have clients that come to you that are accused of that, they do it under duress, they do it under coercion. They sometimes do it without knowledge that they are actually committing these type of crimes because of the sophisticated way the organization has to commit these crimes.

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