What should one look for in hiring a personal injury lawyer?

Chicago, IL personal injury attorney Bruce Goodman talks about what makes a good personal injury lawyer.

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There are several things that a potential client should look for when hiring a lawyer. First of all, they should ask questions. It’s not different in hiring a lawyer than it would be to try to find the right doctor to handle your medical condition. We have specialties and we have different degrees of experience and expertise. You should ask a lawyer how many cases they’ve tried. Have they tried cases of the particular type that the client is seeking advice upon? You want to know what their success rate is. You want to ask questions of anybody that may know the lawyer. You may want to look at their ratings on the various rating services that are available to the public, such as Avo, such as Martindale, Hubbell. The lawyers have nothing to do with those ratings. Those are ratings that are given to the lawyers by their peers – by their reputation. You want to know that if a lawyer is going to undertake the case, does he have the ability to try the case or she have the ability to try the case. You don’t want a lawyer that is trying a case for the first time when you’re dealing with a catastrophic injury involving multiple millions of dollars. You want a lawyer that is able to fund the case. Even a simple case – a malpractice case, a construction case, a wrongful death case – may involve expenses well into the six figures – well, over a hundred thousand dollars of expenses – and for a lawyer to successfully prosecute the case, they have to be able to initially fund the case with the idea or the hope that they will be successful because we do not charge the clients for our fees. We do not charge our clients for our expenses unless and until we are successful so that the case has to be prepared properly and that takes thousands of hours of time and tens of thousands of dollars in terms of money for expenses to present the case properly, and you need a lawyer that is able to do all of those things.

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