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Why do I need a lawyer to help with probate or trust administration?

Spring, TX estate planning & probate attorney Christine Butts explains why you need a lawyer to help with probate and/or trust administration.

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Clients who are serving as a fiduciary meaning they are being appointed as an administrator or an executor by a judge such that that executor or administrator administrates the estate of a decedent, they are required by the courts in Texas to be represented by counsel. Why is that? It’s because an executor or an administrator is administering estate assets for the benefit of someone else. They’re administering the estate assets for the benefit of the beneficiaries and also, for the benefit of any creditors that may be out there.

And there are a lot of very technical steps required to walk through the journey of administering and estate and it’s just so important to have a lawyer as your guide to make that journey. It’s just like going on the Appalachian trail or whatever you might be doing, the administration of an estate is a journey and you need a really good guide and that’s why the courts require that you have counsel by your side.

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