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What are the advantages of using a revocable living trust?

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So because of the values of real estate in California financial elder abuse has become more and more common. We had an estate recently where a client came into our office, an elderly woman, and she received from her son a notice to vacate her house of 30 years. And she didn’t understand why she had received this notice and we looked into it and her son was trying to sell the house out from under her and he was working with a real estate investor to sell it for much less than its value. And our belief was that the son would try to keep the money and had been diverting his mom’s assets to himself.

So we filed a lawsuit for financial elder abuse and the court stopped the sale, and the court then became involved in our client’s affairs, such that her assets were looked after properly and she now is receiving the care that she needs as an elderly person and her assets were protected as a result of our efforts.

San Mateo, CA estates & probate lawyer Jeffrey Loew talks about the advantages of having a revocable living trust.

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