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What’s your experience in handling computer crime cases?

Media, PA criminal defense lawyer Joseph Lesniak details his extensive experience in handling computer crime cases.

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So in the district attorney’s office after several years of being in that office I became the head of the Pennsylvania Internet Crimes Against Children’s Task Force. Delaware County district attorney’s office has the grant from the federal government for the entire commonwealth of Pennsylvania and so we oversaw multiple jurisdictions around the state dealing with online child pornography and online child enticement. And so, through that I’ve gotten to meet a lot of forensic experts, work with forensic experts, and actually start teaching how to utilize forensic evidence in the courtroom. How to authentic forensic evidence. How to preserve it. And these are important components. People think oh, I can just throw up that Facebook page or I can throw up that text. No, you’ve got to find a way to authenticate it and make sure that it meets the rules of evidence. And so, over my career as a prosecutor and now as a defense attorney I’ve had lots of experience in dealing with computer related crimes. And let’s face it, there isn’t really a crime out there that doesn’t have some kind of computer evidence involved.

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