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Product Liability Making a Difference

Minnesota personal injury attorney Paul Peterson discusses the good he has done as an attorney.

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I’m very proud of the work we’ve done here at Harper and Peterson involving product liability work. There are a number of products where changes to the products occur because of the cases we brought. That is, the manufacturers incorporated into their future designs the guarding or the design ideas that our engineers had brought forward. So not only did we help in getting an injured person back on their feet and able to move forward with their lives, we also, hopefully, prevented other injuries and prevented other people from being hurt. And when product manufacturers skip the four-step process that’s so important to design a lot of times they skip to the last step, which is they put a warning on it. They’ve identified a hazard, they’ve put a warning on it but with more careful engineering study it’s often quite easy to incorporate an inexpensive change into the design of the product or to apply or use a good guarding system and that will prevent injuries. And quite frankly, safety is good economics, we are all better off when people are not missing work, when they’re not incurring unneeded medical bills and when families are facing the breadwinner of the family not being able to provide.

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