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Length of Personal Injury Trial

Minneapolis personal injury lawyer Jim Carey says the typical personal injury lawsuit that goes to trial takes about two years.

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If you file a formal lawsuit in Hennepin County, for instance, you’re likely to get your claim resolved within 16 months of the day you file the lawsuit. Now, you may have a relationship with a lawyer for some months before then, working the case up and getting the necessary medical records and medical proof, so I often tell people that I’m very confident that your claim will be resolved within two years of the date that you come and see me. And, quite frankly, most often it’s resolved before that period of time.

Now, there are cases that are more complex, medical malpractice cases or products liability cases that can take more time than that for a lot of reasons, and much of it is dependent upon the client themselves and their medical condition. You can’t resolve the case until you know what the future holds for the client and the patient, and oftentimes doctors can’t give you those opinions within a year or 16 months. They need more time. So it’s prudent and it’s the right thing to do to wait until you get those opinions before you resolve the claim. So all of those things are factors, but in general I’d say less than two years.

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