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We do represent individuals who were pedestrians at the time of being hit by a motor vehicle. That’s what a pedestrian auto accident is. The typical case is where you’re just trying to cross the street or you’re walking on the shoulder or in a roadway where there is no actual sidewalk, and you’re walking as required by law, thinking that you’re being safe, but unfortunately, you’re struck by a motor vehicle. These accidents are very catastrophic, often resulting in life-changing injuries and, in most cases, death. Why? Because we’re talking about a piece of equipment with wheels that weighs tons and then strikes the individual.

In one of my cases, the individual, a woman in her 30s, was made quadriplegic; she was paralyzed. As a result, her life changed, and she had to go into a nursing home. She was made whole, obviously, because we got the maximum recovery. I like to use that term, maximum recovery, because the bottom line is no amount of money can ever fully compensate for what has happened to a person. However, what we make sure happens here is that you never have another financial worry ever again, and so you can believe that’s what we do here at my firm.

Southfield, MI personal injury attorney Johnny Hawkins talks about a memorable pedestrian accident case that he handled. The firm represents individuals who, as pedestrians, have experienced accidents involving motor vehicles—a scenario commonly referred to as a pedestrian auto accident. These incidents typically occur when individuals are crossing the street, walking on the shoulder, or navigating roadways without sidewalks, adhering to legal requirements to ensure their safety. Unfortunately, despite these precautions, pedestrians can be struck by motor vehicles, leading to catastrophic consequences such as life-changing injuries and, in many instances, fatalities. The severity of these accidents is attributed to the substantial weight of vehicles with wheels colliding with individuals.

The attorney shares a notable case involving a woman in her 30s who became quadriplegic and paralyzed as a result of a pedestrian auto accident. The profound impact on her life necessitated her entry into a nursing home. While acknowledging that no amount of money can fully compensate for such life-altering events, the attorney emphasizes their commitment to achieving a maximum recovery for their clients. The term “maximum recovery” encapsulates the firm’s goal of alleviating financial concerns for the injured party, ensuring they can move forward without additional financial burdens. This approach reflects the firm’s dedication to securing comprehensive compensation for those affected by pedestrian auto accidents.

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