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What Does an Audit Action Sheet Look Like?

Minneapolis patent attorney Mark Stignani describes what an audit action sheet looks like.

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What does an audit action sheet look like? In my case an audit action sheet is an extended Excel spreadsheet with some macros that work between it, and some color coding that is assessed when I rank and rate the IP assets in it. So in an audit action sheet I have essentially what amounts to a due diligence report on the full intellectual property of that company at the time I do the audit.

Once I get that together I sit down with my constituents and my clients and we rank and rate those assets and interconnect them and interlink them so that when you’re in the front page, which is the summary, you can link yourself out to other subsequent tabs, which have all the relevant, bibliographic, and assessment data that goes to it. So you can instantly go back and forth between a 10,000-foot view and a 1-foot view of the assets so that you can validate and verify those relationships and see the big picture and the small picture between clicks.

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