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Portfolio Dashboard – Inventor Information

Minneapolis patent attorney Mark Stignani describes the type of information a portfolio dashboard can tell an attorney about an inventor.

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What can the portfolio dashboard tell me about inventors? Actually, quite a bit. What the dashboard tool does is it actually tracks this inventor through their inventive lifetime. So you can collect things like where they’ve worked for, where they’ve actually lived, because in many cases you’ll find their home address in this. You can see the areas of technology and the classifications that their patents have gone in, so you can see how broad or how narrow the intellect of this inventor has gone. You may have an inventor who has invented everything from, you know, tire patents, all the way over to cooking patents over the course of their lifetime. So you can see the prolifancy of an inventor by the number of patents, but then also the breadth and depth of that inventor’s knowledge base.

Also, if you are a former employer of that inventor you can see where that inventor has gone and whether or not they’ve carried potential trade secrets with them and patented them elsewhere.

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