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Cost if Injured in Violent Crime

Minnesota personal injury attorney Paul Peterson shares how an injured person can pay for medical bills if injured by a criminal.

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The first step is to look to see whether you have any health insurance to pay the medical bills. If someone’s in a situation where they either have a high deductible policy or no insurance coverage there are often resources, such as the person may after the crime qualify for medical assistance or some other public aid. And the other way is there are many states have crime victim’s boards or associations that try to help people with these types of losses. And the last area would be restitution in the criminal case, which is why it’s so important we try to find if there is an appropriate civil remedy against someone other than the criminal. Very often, that will allow these bills to be paid as a part of the damages that can be recovered if there is a wrong doer that opened the door for the criminal act.

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