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Minneapolis employment law attorney Clayton Halunen discusses his background and experience in employment law.

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I grew up in northern Minnesota in a small town, and I had the personal experience of seeing both of my parents go through various forms of discrimination. My mother, who was a successful professional, well educated, was passed over for promotion at least seven times where men less qualified were given jobs, so I observed what that did to her in her life and how it impacted my family. I also saw my father, who had worked for the same company for 40 years, be pushed out of his job because of his age, and I saw what did to him; I saw what that did to my family. So, at an early age, I think I started to identify injustice and I started to identify that corporations, although they do many good things, can also do bad things, and I think I wanted to be part of changing that kind of culture, that discrimination and retaliation would not be something that would be acceptable any longer. So I do my part to try to stop that.

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