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How do you Encourage Clients Going Through Rough Times?

Minneapolis criminal defense attorney, Ryan Garry, explains his plan A and plan B for clients going through difficult times.

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The past can’t be change the future can and I try and give clients some amount of hope to know that while they’re in the bottom depths of their life right now things are going to get better. And 90 percent of the cases they will. At our firm, I mean what I try and do is sort of a plan A and plan B. Plan A is everything that I’m doing on the outside that good criminal defense lawyer would do, which would be to challenge the evidence and to create motions and to do everything we can do to fight the government as hard as we possibly can. Plan B is sort of what we’re doing in the background that no one knows about and that’s if the client needs treatment or chemical dependency treatment or psychological treatment or mental health treatment, things of that nature, things that the client can do to get them from where they were when the crime happened to where we’ll be a year from now.

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