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Why Hire Smith Jadin Johnson for Insurance Claims?

Bloomington, MN Insurance Claims Attorney Alexander Jadin talks about why his firm is the best for handling insurance claims.

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We don’t just argue insurance law. We’re in court making insurance law. Over the last three years, we’ve handled five cases throughout the upper Midwest that have changed the law to the benefit of policy holders. We have got the Minnesota Supreme Court to make a ruling on the requirement for matching siding on homes. We’ve gotten the Minnesota Supreme Court to agree when you take an insurance claim to an appraisal and win, that you’re entitled to 10 percent interest per year on that award for having to fight for what you’re entitled to. We have changed the scope on insurance appraisals in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin, to make it more policy-holder friendly. So you come to our office for our experience and for what we’ve proven we’re able to do for policy holders.

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