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Using Product Association with IP Assets

Minneapolis patent attorney Mark Stignani discusses the reason attorneys endorse using product association with IP assets.

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Why do I endorse using product association with IP assets? There is a couple of reasons. There are two camps why really – why and why not? Why not is that if you associate specific IP to granular with another product then you run a litigation risk for being discovered that that is only applicable to that product line or not. Now, that’s one view.

My view is actually better for management of the portfolio. This is really understanding what products are covered by what IP, because most IP is a snapshot in time, so a patent you may have filed five years ago on your product line may no longer be relevant to any aspect of your product and I find this is a good way to identify importance of IP assets by associating them with products. We associate these things in a very general way not to invoke that litigation risk.

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