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Meet Ruth Jean

Miami, FL immigration attorney Ruth Jean shares her philosophy as a lawyer, the most rewarding aspect of her practice, her background & experience, as well as what she does outside of the office.

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The philosophy that guides my work as a lawyer is that I think it’s really important that people feel validated and respected. So every person that walks through my door or calls my phone are treated with respect and I think they feel validated once they speak with the staff or myself. So it’s really important to me that people feel respected.

The most rewarding part of my practice is bringing families together or keeping families together. Family is so important to me so when I have the opportunity to keep families together it really just makes my day.

I’m a boat girl. What does that mean a boat girl? I came here by boat with my mother. My mother fled Haiti, a brutal dictatorship in Haiti and we came here when I was really small and we lived undocumented for many, many years. I know the pain and desperation and struggle that it means to live undocumented. But I also know the happiness that you feel once you’re able to get a green card and once you’re able to get citizenship. So for me, my experience as a boat girl, my personal knowledge, being undocumented, and then being able to become a US citizen that gives me the perfect background to do what I do.

Family is really important to me so I spend lots of time with my three children, my husband. I love music. I listen to lots of cumbia, lots of reggae, I like Varis Hammond. If you come to my home on any given Saturday, you’ll find us dancing to kompa, reggae. I’m also a foodie so you may find me eating some tostadas with shrimp on top of them because seafood is my favorite. So I love music, food, and being around people that make me happy.

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