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Milpitas, CA estates & probate attorney Elijah Keyes discusses why he became a lawyer and what he does outside of the office. To be candid, the decision to pursue a legal career stemmed from a sense of uncertainty about other professional prospects. The individual in question held the position of a university lecturer, specializing in parliamentary debate. However, recognizing the limited career trajectory in academia, they opted to attend law school, drawn by their natural aptitude for argumentation. During their legal education, a shift in their professional aspirations became apparent. Rather than gravitating toward corporate interests, they developed a passion for assisting individuals and families, ultimately leading them to embark on a career as a litigator with a focus on aiding the general public and preserving familial bonds.

Beyond the realm of legal practice, this individual dedicates significant time to their personal life. They cherish moments spent with their spouse and two young children, often fostering family cohesion through activities such as Friday night family gatherings with grandparents. On a personal note, their penchant for physical fitness takes precedence during leisure hours. They relish engaging in challenging events, such as obstacle course races, which encompass not only running but also navigating obstacles like walls and ropes. This commitment to physical well-being serves not only as a means of personal satisfaction but also as an avenue for releasing stress and enhancing their overall effectiveness in their professional endeavors.

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