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Who Was Your Mentor: Who was your mentor in the practice of law?

Houston, TX criminal defense attorney Dan Cogdell talks about a specific person that made him want to go into criminal defense law.

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I became a lawyer for one primary reason and that reason was to be able to work for a fellow by the name of Richard Racehorse Haynes. In his day in the late ’70s and early ’80s Mr. Haynes was the most prominent criminal lawyer in the country. Richard was an icon and deservedly so. What did I learn from Mr. Haynes, I learned everything from Mr. Haynes. I learned passion, I learned intensity, I learned commitment, I learned faith, but above all, I learned that my role as a lawyer was the most important role I could play in these people’s lives. When you assume responsibility for a person’s case, as Mr. Haynes taught me, you’re not just assuming responsibility for their case you’re assuming responsibility for their life, for their future for their wealth, for their family, and for their reputation. It is an overwhelming responsibility that you are assuming and you can’t do it cheaply, you can’t do it half-heartedly, you’ve got to do it completely.

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