Meet the Criminal Defense Lawyers Attorney in Washington, DC, Washington

Meet Jay P. Mykytiuk

Washington, DC criminal defense lawyer Jay P. Mykytiuk talks about his approach to the practice and shares the most common advice he gives to clients.

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The philosophy that guides my approach to criminal defense is that, no matter how small or how large the case is, it is very important to the client. The repercussions of having a criminal conviction, whether it’s the smallest misdemeanor or the biggest felony, can be drastic. They can affect employment, they can affect security clearances, they can be something that preoccupies your mind for a very long time. And when somebody comes into my office, I know that they are facing the full weight of the United States government or the District of Columbia or the State of Virginia, and that the only person that’s gonna be there to help them is me. I am their lifeline, so to speak, and when you think of it like that, you have to take every case very seriously because you have to treat that person as if they’re you, and you have to think about how you would be affected by this, and that is the approach I take whenever I have a client walk in my office.

Well, I advise all my clients that they should let me do the heavy lifting, that once they walk in my office and once they retain me to work on their behalf, that I’m taking the burden from them and it is going to be my responsibility to get them the best result. Now, it is very difficult to get a client to not worry about the outcome of their case, but what they need to do is trust that their interests are my interests and that everything I do in their case is to get a good result for them and try to go on with their life while I handle their case.

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