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The question that I hear most frequently from clients is, “Can they really do that?” Most frequently when clients come into me, let’s say in the context of a shareholder dispute, a question that one of the owner’s may ask is, “Can they really do that? Can the other shareholder/owner in the business cut my pay? Can the other shareholder or owner fire me?” And while I may have to tell them, “Yes, they can take those actions, but there are certainly things we can do to pursue your rights and remedies if we think it’s being done unfairly.”

Also what – we’ve had clients who are employers that come and ask us the question, “Can an employee sue me for discrimination if they actually quit their job?” And then we’ll have to explain to them that there’s such a thing called a constructive discharge, that if an employee thinks that they’ve been discriminated against in the workplace such that they feel they have to quit to prevent their legal rights from being disadvantages, that yes, an employee can sue you for constructive discharge and discrimination after they’ve quit.

Minneapolis commercial litigation and professional liability attorney Barry O’Neil talks about the question he’s asked the most by his clients.

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