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What I like to do is be focused on the client, on their needs, and understanding them and also making sure the client’s clear. Helping them to get clear on the front end what they’re trying to accomplish. Is this about the company case, is this an aggravation, is this really an emotional issue? And I’d like to get them down to let’s talk about the finances, let’s see if we can take the emotion out of the case and look at practical effects of the case. The costs, the benefits, what the risks and rewards are so that the owner has enough information to make a good business decision.

Ultimately, litigation is just about business, it’s a function of it, and the more information the owner has, the more guidance they can get by somebody who has experience who’s seen it through many times, seen what the outcomes are and can be, then the owners in a better position to get what they want.

I repeatedly tell clients try to look at the dispute that you’re involved in, the issue you’re involved in as a business issue not an emotional issue. It’s very easy for business divorces to get just as emotional as family divorces. And if you can take a lot of the emotion out of a business decision you typically get much better decisions. You get better outcomes and you spend a lot less money getting to the outcome.

Tampa FL, commercial litigation attorney Stan Padgett shares the philosophy of his practice as well as his most common piece of advice to clients.

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