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What are the biggest mistakes people make in dealing with MO HealthNet?

St. Louis, MO estate & probate attorney Alicia Albus discusses the biggest mistakes people make in dealing with MO HealthNet.

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I would say dealing with the caseworkers with Missouri Healthnet is maybe giving them too much information, information that is not necessary for the application for Medicaid or the certain program that we’re applying for. And if you give them too much information, and the information isn’t necessary it can lead to opening up other issues that aren’t even a concern, or shouldn’t be a concern but you have to then address those. So, I’d say providing too much information or sometimes just giving wrong information and if somehow the client is given MO Healthnet incorrect information, then that leads to MO Healthnet looking into something that maybe shouldn’t have been a problem in the beginning and then it’s hard to go back and kind of correct that. And so, from the beginning you need to know what exactly MO Healthnet is looking for and give them the exact response to their request and not giving more or giving inaccurate information.

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