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How do financial experts assist in divorce mediation?

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One of the challenges with divorce mediation is that parties often come into the mediation without an attorney. That enables them to often reach settlement better than if attorneys were involved. But one of the complications we face is when there are complex financial issues. Parties are not necessarily in a position to evaluate some of the issues relating to complex assets or income that they might be able to evaluate if they had an attorney, and one of the ways that we address that in South Shore Divorce Mediation is that we believe in bringing in third-party financial experts. Sometimes these experts will represent each mediation participant, or sometimes they will jointly represent the participants and actually be a part of the mediation. But what we get out of that is that we get a degree of sophistication that can be especially helpful if there’s a disparity in terms of information or power between the mediation participants, and we get a high level understanding of the assets and income considerations while still maintaining the advantages of mediating directly between the parties because that’s how you reach agreement.

Hingham, MA family law attorney Jason V. Owens talks about the benefits of using a financial expert to assist in the mediation process. He explains that divorce mediation can be challenging when parties attend without legal representation. However, it can also enable them to reach settlements more effectively than with attorneys present. One complication arises when there are intricate financial matters involved. In such cases, parties may lack the ability to evaluate complex assets or income without legal expertise. To address this issue, South Shore Divorce Mediation believes in involving third-party financial experts. These experts may represent each participant individually or jointly and become part of the mediation process. This approach provides a higher level of sophistication, particularly if there is a disparity in information or power between participants. It also ensures that the assets and income considerations are well-understood, while still allowing direct mediation between parties to reach an agreement.

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