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Dealing with an Unreasonable Spouse

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In those circumstances, it’s – good legal counsel on both sides is imperative. You need to have an attorney for each party that is gonna give them a grounded expectation as to what a judge is likely to do. Ultimately, one of their two opinions is off. Either your offer’s not nearly as fair as you think it is or the other side has got some unreasonable expectations. Oftentimes I’ll meet with colleagues and, while protecting client anonymity, we’ll share fact patterns of what happened in this case or that case and be able to swap stories, and that broadens our experience as to different judges, different factual circumstances as to what judges actually do and how they see cases.

And with that, then I’m able to come back and reassure clients, “Hey, remember that position that so and so said was unreasonable? I’ve talked to some colleagues, and they thought it was just as reasonable as you and I did.”

Stillwater family law attorney, Matt Ludt, discusses settlements and divorce.

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